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Total: 364       Premium: 299       Free: 65
IDTitlePeriod Of RebalancingNumber Of InstrumentsMarkets TradedInstruments AvailableComplexityIndicative PerformanceConfidence In AnomalyKeywords
1Asset Class Trend FollowingMonthly6equities, bonds, commodities, REITsETFs, funds, futures, CFDsSimple strategy11.27%Strongmomentum, asset class picking, trendfollowing
2Asset Class Momentum - Rotational SystemMonthly5equities, bonds, commodities, REITsETFs, funds, futures, CFDsSimple strategy15.00%Strongmomentum, asset class picking, rotational system
3Sector Momentum - Rotational SystemMonthly10equitiesETFs, stocks, fundsSimple strategy13.94%Strongmomentum, sector picking, rotational system
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5FX Carry TradeMonthly10currenciesfutures, forwards, swaps, CFDsSimple strategy7.49%Strongcarry trade, FX anomaly, forex system
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7Volatility Effect in Stocks - Long-Only VersionMonthly50equitiesstocksComplex strategy11.30%Strongstock picking, volatility effect
8FX MomentumMonthly10currenciesfutures, forwards, swaps, CFDsSimple strategy6.48%Strongmomentum, FX anomaly, forex system
9FX Value - PPP StrategyQuarterly10currenciesfutures, forwards, swaps, CFDsSimple strategy7.80%Strongvalue, FX anomaly, forex system
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12Pairs Trading with StocksDaily40equitiesstocksComplex strategy11.16%Strongpairs trading, equity long short, arbitrage
13Short Term Reversal in StocksWeekly20equitiesstocksComplex strategy16.25%Strongreversal, equity long short, stock picking
14Momentum Effect in StocksMonthly1000equitiesstocksComplex strategy14.30%Strongmomentum, momentum in stocks, stock picking
15Momentum Effect in Country Equity IndexesMonthly5equitiesETFs, fundsSimple strategy17.70%Strongmomentum, rotational system, country picking
16Mean Reversion Effect in Country Equity Indexes3 Years8equitiesETFs, fundsSimple strategy6.40%Strongreversal, rotational system, country picking
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1852-Weeks High Effect in StocksMonthly1000equitiesstocksComplex strategy11.75%Strongstock picking, equity long short
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20Volatility Risk Premium EffectMonthly4optionsoptions, swaps, futuresModerately complex strategy26.00%Strongvolatility effect, volatility premium