3 Main Reasons to Buy Quantpedia Premium

You will get access to 370+ uncommon trading strategy ideas. Completely with a short description, performance & risk characteristics, and links to source academic papers. New strategies are added into our database on a bi-weekly basis. Additionaly, you will get over 800+ links to academic research papers related to our Quantpedia Premium strategies.

Morover, you will have access to over 100+ out-of- sample backtests with equity curves, statistics and complete code. Around 10 new backtests are added into our database on a bi-weekly basis.

You’ll be able to use unrestricted Screener and advanced Charts to better select your Quantpedia Premium strategy.

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Frequently asked questions

What is Quantpedia? Can you give me a short overview?

We are a database of ideas for quantitative trading strategies. We sift through financial academic research and search for new interesting articles and papers. Once we find an attractive strategy, we add it into our database, extract description, fundamental reason, risk and return characteristics from the source research paper and describe trading rules in a plain language. Users can then screen through our database of manually curated ideas for trading strategies...

Do you offer trading signals and/or out-of-sample backtests of strategies in your database?

Quantpedia.com is primarily a database of ideas for trading strategies derived from academic research. We do not offer trading signals. Performance and risk characteristics for all strategies are extracted out of source financial research papers. The subset of our strategies have out-of-sample backtest (with a source code+equity curve chart+statistics) written in QuantConnect - check Screener

I'm interested in buying some historical data and/or backtesting tool

We do not provide/resell historical data and or tools for backtesting. Visit our links section - "Backtesting Software" and "Historical Data" and choose a provider that meets most of your needs.

I have picked the strategy I like. Will you backtest/code it for me?

Although we run our own algorithmic strategies, we do not provide consulting/coding services at the moment. You may pick a backtester tool based on your coding experience (link to "Backtesting Software") and code/build your own set of strategies. Alternatively, you can find a freelancer to perform coding for you on various sites (for example www.upwork.com).

I do not want / can't pay via credit or debit card or via PayPal. Is there any other option?

Yes, just contact us via our contact form. We can send you an invoice and you can pay via bank/wire transfer.

I have a question which is not in FAQ.

Just send it to us via contact form, we answer all questions…

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