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EOD HistoricalData – Discount Coupon30+ years of Financial Data including Fundamental and End Of Day:

End-of-day Data API. Bulk downloads for the entire exchange, automatic adjustments to splits and dividends.

Fundamental Data API. 20+ year of financial reports including earnings, balance sheets, income statements, cash flows, corporate actions.

Intraday Data API. Including pre- and post- market data for US tickers.

Technical API with 20+ technical indicators calculated on-the-fly.

Macroeconimic API

Search API with advanced screening features.

Exchange trading hours API and everything you need for stock market analytics.

Windows Downloader, Excel/VBA plugins and Wordpress plugins for no-coding easy start.

EOD Historical Data discount for our readers at:

ALL-IN-ONE Package:

Original price: 79.99€, Quantpedia’s price $49.99

Fundamentals Data Feed:

Original price: 49.99€, Quantpedia’s price $29.99/month

Bonds Data Feed:

Original price: 49.99€/month, Quantpedia’s price $39.99/month

QuantInsti – Discount CouponA leading provider of algo-trading courses:

Equity, Options, FX & Futures Strategies

Market Microstructure for Trading

Data Analysis & Modeling in Python

Machine Learning for Trading

Portfolio Management and Risk Management

Quantpedia’s Exclusive Offer – Use Quant Insti promo code: QUANTPEDIA to purchase courses with an extra 5% discount on top of any other existing discounts.

FirstRateData – Discount CouponFirstRate Data:

Provider of high resolution intraday stock market, crypto, futures and FX data.

Sources the historical stock data directly from major exchanges and fully adjusts for both splits and dividends. Futures and ETF datasets are also sourced from co-located servers in major exchanges.

All datasets are rigourously tested accuracy and completeness.

The historical intraday data solutions are research-ready and used by traders, hedge funds and academic institutions. Offers 1-minute, 5-minute, 30-minute and 1-hour intraday stock data as well as intraday futures, ETFs, and FX data going back 15 years, and tick data going back 10 years.

For a 5% discount on all FRD’s bundles please use our Exclusive Coupon Code Webpage

StrategyQuant – Discount CouponDedicated algorithmic trading software for backtesting and creating automated strategies and portfolios:

No programming skills needed

Monte carlo analysis

Walk-forward optimizer and cluster analysis tools

More than 40 indicators, price patterns, etc.

Build, re-test, improve and optimize your strategy

Free historical tick data

Quantpedia’s Exclusive Offer – Use StrategyQuant coupon code QUANTPEDIA10 to subscribe with a 10% discount for all subscription types.

ORATS – Discount CouponORATS – Historical Data & Backtesting Software:

Wheel Option Backtester

All-in-one options package for backtesting, scanning, trading, and risk analysis of options

Test your strategies before trading them in the market.

Tweak your criteria, like delta and days to expiration and hundreds more triggers.

The Backtester simulates an option strategy using daily data back to 2007.

Backtester samples, instructions, videos, and tutorials are available.

Historical Option Quotes

Historical near end-of-day quotes back to 2007 via FTP are available for a special price of $399 per year for updating files daily plus only $399 one time fee for initial bulk download.

We offer live 1-minute snapshots for $99 per month, and offer history back to August 2020 for $499. Here is a large download of a sample of a 1-minute intraday snapshot.

More information on our quotes is here

Options Data API

Market data and historical

14-day reduced price trial

Unlimited symbols

20,000 API Calls Per Month

For individual use

Exclusive Orats Options Data discounts for Quantpedia’s readers:

10% Orats discount for Wheel backtester available here:

33% discount on Orats historical quotes:

10% Orats data API promo code:

Tradermade – Discount CouponTraderMade, a trusted vendor of Forex, Crypto and CFD data and analytics.:

For more than 30 years, we have been delivering the highest quality market data and analytics to our clients. Our data is high quality and unique and we also offer complete integration of service across a range of our products.

Forex Market Data:

Real-time data, 3000+ Global Currency Coverage

Intraday FX Since 1990,

Tick Data From September 2016,

Encrypted Data

100% Price Accuracy, Premium Support

CFD Data:

Real-time data, 30+ Global Currency Coverage

Intraday CFD Since 2016,

Tick Data From September 2016,

Encrypted Data

100% Price Accuracy, Premium Support

Cryptocurrency Data:

Real-time data, 2000+ Cryptocurrency Coverage

Encrypted Data

100% Price Accuracy, Premium Support

For more package details, please visit:


Quantpedia’s exclusive partnership with TraderMade offers our readers a 5% discount.

Please email to receive the discount.

Professional Market Data: £30/ month

Forex and CFDs Bundle Package

Historical Data

10.000 API Calls/month

Business Market Data: £75/ month

Forex and CFDs Bundle Package

Historical Data

50.000 API Calls/month

Advanced Market Data: £199/ month

Forex and CFDs Bundle Package

Historical Data

250.000 API Calls/month

Enterprise Market Data: £399/ month

Forex and CFDs Bundle Package

Historical Data

600.000 API Calls/month

Tick Historical Forex Data

Tick per symbol per year (£200 approx)

Minute per symbol per year (£100 approx)

FINAGE – Discount CouponFINAGE:

U.S. Stocks Data:

Real-time data from 19 Exchanges, 100% U.S. Market Coverage

WebSocket Connection, Unlimited API Calls

18-Year Historical Data ,Pre and post-market hours 4 AM-8 PM ET

HTTPS Encryption, Private Server Option, Premium Support


Forex Market Data:

Real-time data, 2000+ Global Currency Coverage

12-Year Historical Data, WebSocket

Unlimited API calls, Encrypted Data

100% Price Accuracy, Premium Support


Cryptocurrency Data:

Real-time data from 15+ Crypto Exchanges

1300+ Major Crypto Coverage, 7-Year Historical Data

WebSocket, Unlimited API calls

Encrypted Data, 100% Price Accuracy, Premium Support


Indices Data:

Real-time data, 1600+ Global Index Market Coverage

WebSocket, Unlimited API Calls

Historical Data, HTTPS Encryption, Premium Support


ETFs Data:

Real-time data, 2900+ Global ETFs Market Coverage

WebSocket, Unlimited API Calls

Historical Data, HTTPS Encryption, Premium Support


Financial Statements:

Real-time data, 2900+ Global ETFs Market Coverage

WebSocket, Unlimited API Calls

Historical Data, HTTPS Encryption, Premium Support


International Stock Exchanges:

• Euronext • Toronto • UK • Venture Exchange • Germany • NEO Exchange • Turkey • Canadian Securities • Brazil • Bombay Stock • Japan • National Stock Exchange of India • China • Moscow Exchange • Switzerland • Nasdaq Stockholm AB (OMX) • Korea • Nasdaq Copenhagen (OMXC) • Norway • Nasdaq Helsinki (OMXH) • South Africa • Nasdaq Riga (OMXR) • Spain • Nasdaq Vilnius (OMXV) • Taiwan • Nasdaq Tallinn (OMXT) • Malaysia • Chile • Mexico • Argentina • Indonesia • New Zealand • Singapore • Thailand • Greece • Hungary • Egypt • Qatar • Saudi Arabia • Israel • Italy • The Czech Republic • Venezuela

Finage promo code:

Quantpedia’s Exclusive Offer – Use code QUANTPEDIA to get 10% discount.

The discount is applicable for everything from the list below.


Basic Main Market Bundle: $99/ month

US Stocks, Forex and Cryptocurrency Bundle Package

Historical Data

100.000 API Calls/month


Basic All Market Bundle: $169/ month

US Stocks, Forex, Cryptocurrency ETFs and Indices Bundle Package

100.000 API Calls/month


Basic International Stocks: $89/ month

100.000 API Calls/month


For bundles and more package details, please visit ->

QuantConnect – Discount CodeA leading web-based backtesting tool:

A Browser Based IDE, with Terabytes of Free Financial Data – 9 supported asset classes including Equities, Futures, Options, Forex, CFD, and Crypto

Execute on one of the 12 supported brokerages or by paper trading

More than $13B volume traded since 2015

More than 100,000 live algorithms hosted

Quantpedia’s Exclusive Offer – Use QuantConnect promo code qntpda-20 to receive one-time $20 credit that you can use to pay for Backtesting, Research or Live nodes, data, support, or brokerage seats.

Historical Option Data – Discount CouponHistorical Option Data:

Historical Option Data carry end of day historical option prices history for all U.S. Equity options including stocks, Indexes and ETFs. The bulk history begins in 2002, and SPX data in 1990. The end of day data includes the last price, bid, ask, volume and open…

Historical Option Data discount code – Use code QUANT5 for extra 5% discount for our readers on top of any other existing discounts.

Whale Wisdom – Discount CouponResearch & Replication of Portfolios::

Provides over 20 years of holdings data.

Finds hedge fund and institutional investor holdings data through 13F disclosures going as far back as 2001.

Search insider transactions and 13D/13G data from 2006.

Allows to identify money-making strategies

Provides search tools, screeners, free email alerts, or 13F analytics.

Easily extracts data into Excel and more.

Quantpedia’s Exclusive Offer – use Whale Wisdom promo code quant5 for 5% off the Standard plan or Pro plan.

intrinio – Discount CouponFinancial data for innovators:

Quarterly and annual financial statement data for more than 9,000 US companies through our world-class API

Fundamental history back to 2007

Filter Options Data

High volume equity real-time feed

Equities, options & fundamental data.

Three types of Equities Packages.

Three types of Options Packages.

Plus an option to create a custom package that fits your needs.

Intrinio discount code

Quantpedia’s exclusive partnership with Intrinio offers our readers a 5% discount on all Initrinio’s data packages.

Please email to receive a 5% discount.

Price Action Lab – Discount CouponDeep Learning Price Action Lab:

There are three products:

DLPAL DQ is a quantitative scanner of price action anomalies used by quant discretionary traders. No programming necessary. Besides identifying price action anomalies, DLPAL DQ also generates code for strategies.

Retail price per year is $1,200.

Demo-version is available here:

DLPAL LS uses primitive attributes of price action to extract features types in an unsupervised learning mode based on general feature clusters. Then, the program uses the extracted features in supervised learning mode to identify long and short candidates in a universe of securities.

Retail price per year is $4,000.

Demo-version can be purchased directly on the site for $175.

DLPAL S was designed for trading strategy developers that follow systematic signals and it is easy to use. No programming necessary. In fact, DLPAL S generates code for strategies and systems of strategies.

Retail price is $3,000 for 3-year license.

Demo-version is available here:

Price Action Lab discount code

Quantpedia’s exclusive partnership with Price Action Lab offers our readers a 25% discount on all products.

Please email to claim the 25% discount.

Quiver Quantitative – Discount CouponQuiver Quantitative:

Quiver Quantitative is a cutting-edge alternative data platform. Searching for a novel, uncrowded data to generate alpha in your portfolios? Well, then there’s Quiver Quant for you:

Senate and House Trading Data

Wikipedia Page Views Data

WallStreetBets Data

Government Contracts Data

Corporate Flights Data

Work Visas Data

InvestorsHUb Discussions Data

Corporate Lobbying Data

Quiver Quantitative promo code

API access now with an exclusive 5% discount only for Quantpedia’s readers if you use the promo code: QUANT5

Investverte – Discount CouponinvestVerte:

InvestVerte is an independent ESG and corporate governance research, rating, and analytics company that provides information to help investors around the world make the best investment decisions. Created in 2020, InvestVerte is a young, innovative company that builds on firm foundations, adaptability, and artificial intelligence.

InvestVerte specializes in a “quantamental” approach to generate alpha for ESG portfolios with machine learning, AI, and NLP technologies – see InvestVerte methodology in the article Grading and Merging ESG Scores from Multiple Providers

InvestVerte Entry Level Package contains ESG data for the 30 biggest market capitalization stocks from one of the main indexes like CAC40, DAX, STOXX 50, FTSE100, Hang Seng Index, NYSE Composite, Nasdaq etc.

Quantpedia’s Exclusive Offer – Use InvestVerte promo code QUANTPEDIA20 for a 20% discount on InvestVerte Entry Level Package. Original price $9990, exclusive price for Quantpedia’s readers: $7990.

Claim your discount by emailing

Estimize – Discount CouponThe Most Accurate Earnings Estimates Dataset on the Planet:

Diverse community of 100,000+ contributors

Crowdsourced alpha is the future of investment research

Behavioral science and innovative machine learning techniques

The most accurate and representative estimates data set available

Discretionary and systematic institutions access our data in a myriad of ways

Rigorously backtested market neutral and long-only strategies used by our clients

Estimize data promo code:

Quantpedia’s exclusive partnership with Estimize offers our readers a 5% discount on all Estimize data packages.

Please email to receive a 5% discount.

You can also enjoy a 30 day free trial instead of a 10 day trial!

ExtractAlpha – Discount CouponAlternative data for financial markets:

Provide alternative data solutions with proven value in forecasting fundamentals, returns, and risk

Apply rigorous research to finding value in the data sets, the way the best quant funds do, using our proprietary engine. Less than 10% of data sets make the cut!

Data solutions include NLP Sentiment on Transcripts, Earnings and Revenue Predictions, Web Trends, ESG, Retail Investor Behavior, and etc

Differentiated data leads to superior returns

Data is cleaned and tagged with institutional-level quality

Quantpedia’s exclusive partnership with ExtractAlpha offers our readers a 5% discount on all ExtractAlpha data and services.

Please email to receive a 5% discount.

Portfolio123 – Discount CouponWeb based backtesting tool to test stock picking strategies:

The #1 screener, US stocks & ETFs (daily)

Point-in-time fundamental data since 1999

Long/short strategies, price/fundamental driven signals

Multi-factor investing, rolling tests and optimizer

Portfolio123 discount code – Use code QUANTPEDIA5 to purchase your subscription with a 5% discount, as Quantpedia’s Exclusive Offer. Additionally, users will get 35 days of trial instead of 21.

iVolatility – Historical DataHistorical data for options on global futures, equities, ETFs and indexes:

Historical Volatility (both end-of-day and Parkinson’s)

Individual Options Contracts Volatilities (daily)

Implied Volatility Index (daily)

Implied Volatility Surface (daily)

Options prices (NBBO) with volume and open interest (daily)

Pricing varies based on the number of underlyings, historical length, dataset and data use.

Special discounts are offered to retails.

Quantpedia’s Exclusive Offer – use code QP5% in price request form to get 5% discount on data products.

Trading Economics – Discount CouponTrading Economics:

Up to 5K requests and 500K rows of data per month – including up to 5 market streams: USD1200 per quarter or USD3600 per year

Up to 10K requests and 1M rows of data per month including up to 10 market streams USD1800 per quarter or USD5400 per year

Up to 100K requests and 10M rows of data per month including up to 20 market streams USD2700 per quarter or USD7200 per year

Quantpedia’s Exclusive Offer – Use Trading Economics promo code QUANTPEDIA5 for a 5% discount

claim your discount by emailing – Discount CouponMarket data platform:

Cryptoquote is a highly available market data platform as a service which offers traders, investors and builders access to a large breadth of cryptocurrency information and analytics APIs to simplify support of price data, time series history, coin reference data, news feeds and analytics APIs.

The Cryptoquote data platform has developed an analytics engine on top of our core data to generate 1,000’s of new datasets all available in real-time with a call to one of our many Analytics APIs.

Market Movers, Event Analysis, 100+ Technical Indicators, Chart Pattern Recognition, Seasonality, Historical Volatility, Price Distribution Analysis, Correlation Analysis and more.

Market Coverage

19+ exchanges

9,500+ streaming pairs

20 News sources

Coin Reference Data:

Cryptocurrency Descriptions

Project URLs

Available ICO data

Halving Dates

and more…

Historical Data

End of day since inception of pair on exchange

n-minute since January 2018

Tick since January 2018


NATS Streaming Data Feed Protocol

Request APIs (Golang, REST, Python, Node.js, C#, Java, R, PHP, Javascript)

Data Formats JSON or CSV

Review the documentation here

Cryptoquote data discount code:

Quantpedia subscriber exclusive 10% discount to all Cryptoquote data services.

Contact us at to review your use case and data requirements.

finnhub – Discount CouponFinnhub Stock API:

Real-Time RESTful APIs and Websocket for Stocks, Currencies, and Crypto.

FinnHub provides detailed financial statements for global companies going back 30+ years.

30 years of comprehensive dividends data is also available.

Real-time earnings notification, historical surprises, analyst’s price target and upgrade/downgrades.

Comprehensive ETFs and Indices data such as profile, holdings, historical constituents and industry exposure. Global ETFs’ constituent data is available on Finnhub.

30 years of historical data for US market updated in real-time. 15-minute delayed LSE data and End-of-day tick-level data for international markets are available on Finnhub.

Real-time news, reddit, twitter sentiment to help you understand where the market is heading.

Thematic investing focuses on predicted long-term trends rather than specific companies or sectors, enabling investors to access structural, one-off shifts that can change an entire industry.

Quantpedia’s exclusive partnership with offers our readers a 5% discount on Global Market data, Fundamental data and Earnings Estimates data.

Please email to receive the discount

BacktestMarket – Discount CouponAlgoGen Strategy Builder::

Provides many years of intraday and end of day historical data.

Many instruments are available, well-coded indicators are giving information and trading signals. Any indicator is customizable to fit customer needs.

All trading strategies provided are lead by probability tests.

BacktestMarket discount code – Use code QUANTPEDIA15 to subscribe with an extra 15% discount, on top of any other existing discounts, as Quantpedia’s Exclusive Offer.

InferTrade – Discount CouponQuick and accessible backtester:

Rapid backtesting to find predictive relationships between different assets and signals.

Uses a predetermined set of Python trading rules and relationships from the InferTrade open source package ( plus any user custom strategies.

Data can be loaded by drag-and-drop to browser as CSV, Excel or ODF file or loaded using API integrations.

No login required, analysis can be exported via PDF or session saved locally.

Quantpedia’s Exclusive Offer – Use code QUANTPEDIA30 to subscribe with a 30% discount.

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