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Quantpedia has partnered with the best Historical Data and Backtesting Software providers around the globe. Thanks to these exclusive partnerships, we can offer our readers Data Discounts and Software Discounts on all high-quality sources listed on the left.


EOD Historical Data

EOD Historical Data is one of the best value-to-price providers of historical stocks, ETFs, bonds, currencies, futures, options and cryptocurrencies data in the world. 

What EOD Historical Data offers?

30+ years of Financial Data including:

  • End-of-day Data API. Bulk downloads for the entire exchange, automatic adjustments to splits and dividends.
  • Fundamental Data API. 20+ year of financial reports including earnings, balance sheets, income statements, cash flows, corporate actions.
  • Intraday Data API. Including pre- and post- market data for US tickers.
  • Technical API with 20+ technical indicators calculated on-the-fly.
  • Macroeconomic API
  • Exchange trading hours API and everything you need for stock market analytics.
  • Windows Downloader, Excel/VBA plugins and WordPress plugins for no-coding easy start.

What is the price of EOD Historical Data?

EOD Historical Data Discount

37% EOD Historical Data Promo code automatically applies at:


StrategyQuant is a modern, easy-to-use and fully customizable Machine Learning strategy builder, backtester, optimizer and robustness tester. StrategyQuant offers full solution for Algo trading strategy testing, validation and optimization.

What StrategyQuant offers?

  • Build, re-test, improve and optimize Quant trading strategies
  • Walk-forward optimizer and cluster analysis tools
  • Automatic overfitting tests and Monte carlo analysis
  • Multi-timeframe and Multi-market backtester
  • More than 40 indicators, price patterns, etc.
  • Free historical tick data
  • Point & click interface, no programming skills needed

What is the price of StrategyQuant?

StrategyQuant Discount

10% StrategyQuant Promo code: QUANTPEDIA10



Orats is basically an all-in-one Option Backtesting and data provider, since 2001. Orats has recently introduced one of the most innovative and modern Option Backtesters, called Wheel. Orats also offers high quality historical option quotes and API.

What Orats offers?

Wheel Backtester:
  • Full options package for backtesting, scanning, trading, and risk analysis of options.
  • Test your strategies before trading them in the market.
  • Tweak your criteria, like delta and days to expiration and hundreds more triggers.
  • The Backtester simulates an option strategy using daily data back to 2007.
  • Backtester samples, instructions, videos, and tutorials are available.
Historical Option Quotes:
  • Historical near end-of-day quotes back to 2007 via FTP 
  • Live 1-minute snapshots and history back to August 2020 
Options Data API:
  • Market data and historical
  • Unlimited symbols
  • 20,000 API Calls Per Month

What is the price of Orats?

Orats Discount

33% to 66% Orats Promo code automatically applies at:

Quant Institute

Quant Institute is a leading provider of algo-trading courses. Quant Institute offers broad range of trading, portfolio management, risk management, data analysis as well as coding courses for equities, FX, options, futures and many more.

What Quant Institute offers?

  • Equity, Options, FX & Futures Strategies
  • Market Microstructure for Trading
  • Data Analysis & Modeling in Python
  • Machine Learning for Trading
  • Portfolio Management and Risk Management
  • Certifications, Self-paced courses, Training sessions

What is the price of Quant Institute?

Prices vary based on the specific course. As a reader of Quantpedia, you will always enjoy an additional 5% Quant Institute discount on all courses with the Quantra discount code: QUANTPEDIA

Quant Institute Discount

5% Quant Institute Promo code: QUANTPEDIA


Whale Wisdom

Whale Wisdom is an excellent tool for tracking Hedge Funds’ and Institutional Investors’ positions and trades. Whale Wisdom provides more than 20 years of data on 13F disclosures, holdings and insider trading. Whale Wisdom also serves as an analytical platform to identify and analyze money-making trading strategies based on this data. 

What Whale Wisdom offers?

Research & Replicate Portfolios of the World’s Best Investors:

  • Monitor Hedge Funds using the 13F filings and Data from the Whales
  • Insider transactions, Email alerts
  • Fund and transactions screener
  • Advanced trading strategies Backtester

What is the price of Whale Wisdom?

Whale Wisdom Discount

5% Whale Wisdom Promo code: quant5

Polygon is a leading historical data provider with institutional-level quality of datasets. Polygon offers End of day, Intraday, and Level 2 Book data for Stocks, FX, Crypto and Options delivered via unlimited API or csv.

What Polygon offers?

20+ Years of Historical Market Data for Equities, Forex, Crypto and Options:

  • Trade Ticks – Polygon provides each and every trade message from all main Exchanges and Darkpools
  • Quote Ticks – Top of book quotes give you information into the sitting orders at the exchanges to provide insight for the next execution price.
  • Aggregates – Both unadjusted and adjusted aggregates are able to be generated in any size time window from 1min – 1 year. You can finally get the exact time windows you want, no matter the size.
  • Flat Files – Polygon also provides raw monthly tick data in CSV format.
  • Fundamental data, Corporate actions, Realtime data

What is the price of Polygon Data?

Prices range from $19/month to $200/month. As a reader of Quantpedia, you will always enjoy an additional 5% Polygon data discount on all datasets with the Polygon dicsount code: QUANTPEDIA

Polygon Data Discount

5% Polygon Promo code: QUANTPEDIA


Price Action Lab

Price Action Lab is a great tool for building new quantitative strategies. It’s Deep Learning Price Action Lab engine is designed to both identify price action anomalies and then build strategies around them and backtest them properly.

What Price Action Lab offers?

Demo-version are available here:


  • Quantitative scanner of price action anomalies used by quant discretionary traders.
  • Identifies parameter-less strategies.
  • Robustness test validations.
  • For discretionary traders who like to scan many securities each day for price action anomalies and also like to make the final decisions instead of following a system.


  • Directional and long-short strategy builder and backtester.
  • Identifies long and short candidates by unsupervised learning from price action.
  • Securities ranking by measuring directional bias.
  • Supports API strategy execution.
  • Useful for both systematic and discretionary equity long/short trading but also directional trading in other markets.


  • Identifies and tests for Short-Term Price Action Anomalies with user-defined risk/reward parameters.
  • For systematic quant trading strategy developers who follow systematic signals in all timeframes
  • Automatically generates code for strategies. No programming necessary.

What is the price of Price Action Lab?

Price Action Lab Discount

20% Price Action Lab Promo code: please email to get the 20% PAL discount.


Portfolio123 is a legendary bias-free stock picking backtester. Portfolio123 uses Factset’s and Compustat’s point-in-time stock database which ensures no survivorship or any other bias. You can test virtually any stock picking strategy in Portfolio123. This tool is a must for any beginning or advanced stock investor.

What Portfolio123 offers?

  • Screener for Global Stocks & ETFs (daily)
  • Point-in-time price and fundamental data since 1999
  • Long/short strategies, price/fundamental driven signals
  • Multi-factor ranking, investing, rolling tests and optimizer
  • Multi-strategy tester and simulator

What is the price of Portfolio123?

Portfolio123 Discount

5% Portfolio123 Promo code: QUANTPEDIA5

quiver api

Quiver Quantitative

Quiver Quantitative offers one of the most affordable uncrowded alternative data on the market. Quiver Quantitative provides data on Congress, Senate and House trading, Government contracts, Corporate Lobbying, Off-exchange trading activity, Wikipedia Pageviews, App ratings, WallStreetBets, Reddit’s r/SPACs, Twitter, Patents and many more via their API. 

What Quiver Quantitative offers?

  • Senate and House Trading Data
  • Wikipedia Page Views Data
  • WallStreetBets Data
  • Government Contracts Data
  • Corporate Flights Data
  • Work Visas Data
  • InvestorsHub Discussions Data
  • Corporate Lobbying Data, and many more…

What is the price of Quiver Quantitative?

Quiver Quantitative Discount

5% Quiver Quantitative Promo code: QUANT5



InvestVerte is an independent ESG and corporate governance research, rating, and analytics company that provides information to help investors around the world make the best investment decisions. Created in 2020, InvestVerte is a young, innovative company that builds on firm foundations, adaptability, and artificial intelligence.

What InvestVerte offers?

  • InvestVerte specializes in a “quantamental” approach to generate alpha for ESG portfolios with machine learning, AI, and NLP technologies – see InvestVerte methodology in the article Grading and Merging ESG Scores from Multiple Providers
  • InvestVerte Entry Level Package contains ESG data for the 30 biggest market capitalization stocks from one of the main indexes like CAC40, DAX, STOXX 50, FTSE100, Hang Seng Index, NYSE Composite, Nasdaq etc.

What is the price of InvestVerte?

InvestVerte Discount

20% InvestVerte Promo code: QUANTPEDIA20, please email to claim the discount.

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