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We are continually building a database of ideas for quantitative trading strategies derived out of the academic research papers.


We read a lot of papers, select the best and extract trading rules in plain language, performance and risk characteristics and various other descriptive attributes.


Selected strategies are then added into the existing Quantpedia structure. Users can screen categorized strategies, examine related strategies or review visualized comparisons.


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Quantpedia Prime

Designed specifically for aspiring quants and individual investors, Quantpedia Prime offers access to ideas for 100+ essential systematic trading and investing strategies. It’s oriented mainly towards tactical asset allocation, market timing, and seasonality strategies that are easy to understand and replicate. Additionally, it grants access to a few necessary simple and user-friendly modeling tools that help with portfolio construction.

quantpedia prime
Quantpedia Premium

Quantpedia database has ~70 free strategies, and Quantpedia Premium is a product for more adept quants, who will get unrestricted access to our Screener and, therefore, access to all ideas for less-known/unique Quantpedia Premium strategies (700+), together with the extracted description, trading rules, risk and return characteristics, links to source academic papers, and out-of-sample implementation in python code. Additionally, users will have access to the same essential portfolio modeling tools as in the case of Quantpedia Prime.

quantpedia premium
Quantpedia Pro
new feature

Quantpedia Pro is the ultimate tool for quantitive analysis of multi-asset, multi-strategy portfolios. Quantpedia Pro users have access to all of the content available in Quantpedia Premium (all 700+ strategies) plus all additional advanced features, such as unrestricted portfolio builder with custom benchmarks and all 30+ Quantpedia Pro reports that allow users to analyze model portfolios and their performance, relationships, assembling, factor exposures, correlations, clustering, and market risks.

quantpedia pro

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    The Encyclopedia of Quantitative Trading Strategies

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