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QuantInsti & Quantpedia Courses
Quantpedia has joined with our partner QuantInsti, and together, we offer new tutorial courses for beginners and an intermediate audience.

QuantConnect Enterprise Offering
Explore QuantConnect’s offering for B2B clients and use an exclusive offer for readers in the form of a free 7-day trial on all QuantConnect features (Backtest, Jupyter Research, Live Nodes).

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Useful tools for algo/quant traders
Thanks to all our Partners, we can provide our readers with a list of exclusive offers in the form of Data Discounts and Backtesting Software Discounts on all high-quality sources.

How It Works

The “How It Works” section on the Quantpedia webpage provides a concise overview of the web’s functionality…
Theory of Portfolio Management

The “Theory of Portfolio Management” sub-page presents a selected list of Quantpedia’s research articles related to essential portfolio management topics.
Our Blog

The “Blog” section is usually updated twice a week. Your regular dose of quant research awaits you here.
Cryptocurrency Trading Research

The ‘Cryptocurrency Trading Research’ consolidates our free algo trading research articles about this asset class.
Own Research Studies

The “Own Research Studies” contains a full list of research articles produced exclusively by our research team.
Quantpedia Explains – Case Studies

The “Quantpedia Explains” is a series of short videos and case studies in which we explain some of the themes out of quantitative finance.

The “FAQ” section is dedicated to answering the most common questions we receive.
Trading Strategies for Bear Markets

Find strategies which can be utilized as a hedge or diversification to equity market factor during Bear markets.

The ‘Dictionary’ contains explanations of over 40 different groups of trading strategies that our users can screen in Screener by using a field called “Keywords.”

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