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QuantConnect – Discount CodeA leading web-based backtesting tool:

A Browser Based IDE, with Terabytes of Free Financial Data – 9 supported asset classes including Equities, Futures, Options, Forex, CFD, and Crypto

Execute on one of the 12 supported brokerages or by paper trading

More than $13B volume traded since 2015

More than 100,000 live algorithms hosted

Quantpedia’s Exclusive Offer – Use discount code qntpda-20 to receive one-time $20 credit that you can use to pay for Backtesting, Research or Live nodes, data, support, or brokerage seats.

QuantInsti – Discount CouponA leading provider of algo-trading courses:

Equity, Options, FX & Futures Strategies

Market Microstructure for Trading

Data Analysis & Modeling in Python

Machine Learning for Trading

Portfolio Management and Risk Management

Quantpedia’s Exclusive Offer – Use code QUANTPEDIA to purchase courses with a 5% discount.

Portfolio123 – Discount CouponWeb based backtesting tool to test stock picking strategies:

The #1 screener, US stocks & ETFs (daily)

Point-in-time fundamental data since 1999

Long/short strategies, price/fundamental driven signals

Multi-factor investing, rolling tests and optimizer

Quantpedia’s Exclusive Offer – Use code QUANTPEDIA5 to purchase your subscription with 5% discount. Additionally, users will get 35 days of trial instead of 21.

InferStat – Discount CouponQuick and accessible backtester:

Rapid backtesting to find predictive relationships between different assets and signals.

Uses a predetermined set of Python trading rules and relationships from the InferTrade open source package ( plus any user custom strategies.

Data can be loaded by drag-and-drop to browser as CSV, Excel or ODF file or loaded using API integrations.

No login required, analysis can be exported via PDF or session saved locally.

Quantpedia’s Exclusive Offer – Use code QUANTPEDIA30 to subscribe with a 30% discount.

BacktestMarket – Discount CouponAlgoGen Strategy Builder::

Provides many years of intraday and end of day historical data.

Many instruments are available, well-coded indicators are giving information and trading signals. Any indicator is customizable to fit customer needs.

All trading strategies provided are lead by probability tests.

Quantpedia’s Exclusive Offer – Use code QUANTPEDIA15 to subscribe with a 15% discount.

Trading Economics – Discount CouponTrading Economics:

Up to 5K requests and 500K rows of data per month – including up to 5 market streams: USD1200 per quarter or USD3600 per year

Up to 10K requests and 1M rows of data per month including up to 10 market streams USD1800 per quarter or USD5400 per year

Up to 100K requests and 10M rows of data per month including up to 20 market streams USD2700 per quarter or USD7200 per year

Quantpedia’s Exclusive Offer – Use code QUANTPEDIA5 for a 5% discount

claim your discount by email at and add to “CC”

FirstRateData – Discount CouponFirstRate Data:

Provider of high resolution intraday stock market, crypto, futures and FX data.

Sources the historical stock data directly from major exchanges and fully adjusts for both splits and dividends. Futures and ETF datasets are also sourced from co-located servers in major exchanges.

All datasets are rigourously tested accuracy and completeness.

The historical intraday data solutions are research-ready and used by traders, hedge funds and academic institutions. Offers 1-minute, 5-minute, 30-minute and 1-hour intraday stock data as well as intraday futures, ETFs, and FX data going back 15 years, and tick data going back 10 years.

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StrategyQuant – Discount CouponDedicated algorithmic trading software for backtesting and creating automated strategies and portfolios:

No programming skills needed

Monte carlo analysis

Walk-forward optimizer and cluster analysis tools

More than 40 indicators, price patterns, etc.

Build, re-test, improve and optimize your strategy

Free historical tick data

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Historical Option Data – Discount CouponHistorical Option Data:

Historical Option Data carry end of day historical option prices history for all U.S. Equity options including stocks, Indexes and ETFs. The bulk history begins in 2002, and SPX data in 1990. The end of day data includes the last price, bid, ask, volume and open…

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