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Quandl – alternative dataQuandl – One of the biggest aggregators of alternative data::

satelite, radar, sensor, UAV data

IoT data

logistics data

transactional, spending data

sentiment data, web-crawling data

data delivered in R, Python, Excel and via API

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Alternative DataAlternativeData – One of the biggest aggregators of alternative data:

Credit/Debit Card, Email/Consumer Receipts data

Geo-location, Satellite, Weather data

Point of Sale, Sell-side data

Social/Sentiment, Survey data

Web Data, Web Traffic data

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Bloomberg – alternative dataBloomberg – Alternative data aggregator:

App usage, corporate flight activity, ESG, supply chain, social measurements, sentiment

Consumer reviews intelligence, consumer retail traffic

Geopolitical risk predictive analytics, individual economist estimates

Oil storage and metal storage sourced from satellites, fracturing, natural gas flows, vessels/shipping data

Equity analytics, employment, short interest data

Clinical trial milestones, regulatory milestones, prescription data, drug and disease-level forecasts

County data, building permits, construction projects

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S&P Global – alternative dataS&P Global – Alternative data aggregator:

corporate activity, sentiment, news, economic estimates, energy related data, supply chain relationships, trade flows and other supply chain-related economic activity

in addition: shopping mall traffic statistics and deviations, information on commodity movements and satellite images

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Factset – alternative dataFactSet – Alternative data aggregator:

Environmental, Social, & Governance data

Geographic Revenue Exposure


Shipping Transactions

Supply Chain Relationships

Third-Party Data

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Orbital InsightOrbital Insight – Satellite Data:

Hedge funds, asset managers, and other institutional investors can leverage Orbital Insight for novel investment opportunities and data-driven portfolio management.

Financial and physical traders, analysts and portfolio managers, petroleum producers and logistics professionals are empowered to make informed trading decisions.

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KplerKpler – Satellite Data::

oil & gas cargo flow data using satellite

Kpler covers nearly 20 commodities, including all major energy markets.

easy-to-use channels (web and mobile app, API, Excel)

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RS MetricsRS Metrics – Satellite Data:

Measurements and indices of production and storage for refined metals including steel, aluminum, copper, zinc, and other commodities.

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Descartes LabsDescartes Labs – Satellite Data:

satellite and weather data with application in multiple sectors – agriculture, forestry, manufacturing, transportation, energy

Detecting Construction Starts

Crop Classification

Wind Turbine Detection

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VortexaVortexa – Geolocation data:

oil-cargo data, refined products and freight

historical and real time

Crude Oil, Gasoline, Diesel, BioDiesel, Jet Fuel, Gasoil, Blending Components, Naphtha, VGO, Asphalt/Bitumen and Fuel Oil.

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MaxarMaxar – Satellite Data:

World’s largest living library of satellite imagery

Electro-optical and radar satellite imagery

Advanced analytics and insights from machine learning

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bird.ibird.i – Satellite Data:

high resolution images: resolution of 1.5 metres or better

dowload data or use API

search and compare satellite images to see how they are changing over time

starting $75 One-off, $1,000 for regular buyers

ICEYEICEYE – Satellite data:

ICEYE is building and operating its own commercial constellation of SAR satellites

crude oil storage estimation, harbor stockpile volume monitoring, oil production site activity, mining production site activity, logistics site shipping activity, vehicle count monitoring, vessel draught estimation, dark vessel tracking, agriculture activity monitoring

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urthecasturthecast – Satellite Data:

multiple satellites, full color video, multispectral imaginery, orders via API

agriculture and forestry monitoring, imaginery data from request to delivery in 3 hours

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URSAURSA – Satellite Data:

Radar satellites, focused on global oil storage metrics

Detect, monitor and validate E&P oil field activity

On-Demand Intel Reports

Data Portal – interactive maps and visualizations

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AclimaAclima – Weather data:

air-polution and climate emissions data

designs and deploys sensor networks for environmental intelligence

wildfire detection, methane plumes detection

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AdvanAdvan – Geolocation Data and Analytics:

mobile phone location, truck and weather data

for quantitative, fundamental and quantmental hedge funds, real estate investors and asset managers

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YipitDataYipitData – Web-scrapping data:

Providing weekly and monthly datasets and reports on an expanding portfolio of 8 sectors and over 45 companies.

Asia e-Commerce, China e-Commerce, China Media, Europe Internet, U.S. Autos, U.S. Marketplaces & e-Commerce, U.S. Media, U.S. Real Estate

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ThinknumThinknum – Web-scrapping data:

datasets from 400,000+ companies, custom screens, standalone analytics platform

analyzes job listing, linkedin profiles, store locations, discounted products, pricing & products, car investory

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YewnoYewno – Alternative Data analytics platform:

clinical trials, court rullings, technology innovation, news, regulatory actions, corporate official fillings, macroeconomic events, social and political events

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DataminrDataminr – Alternative Data analytics for news:

integrates Web/App/Social Media Data

combines and integrated multiple data and news sources, offers real time alerts, tracking developing events,

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RezatecRezatec – Satellite Data:

Geospatial Analytics – delivers actionable insights as Data-as-a-Service landscape intelligence

Commodities including: Wheat, Maize, Rice, Coffee, Cotton, Sugar, Metals, Energy, Timber

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PlanetPlanet – Satellite Data:

120+ satellites in orbit, Planet is able image anywhere on Earth’s landmass on a daily basis, at 3 – 5 meter resolution.

Planet has the largest fleet of sub-meter satellites for rapid revisit. The SkySat fleet can image any point on Earth at 72 cm resolution up to twice-daily – higher revisit than any other commercial high resolution imagery provider, enabling rapid content acquisition and intelligence.

With daily, global imaging, Planet selects the best pixels and transforms them into visually consistent and scientifically accurate mosaics that empower time-series analysis and machine learning-powered analytics.

Planet Analytic Feeds leverages deep learning to identify objects and features of interest from Planet imagery at global scale.

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BlackSkyBlackSky – Satellite Data:

Premier global intelligence web-based platform

Multi-source imagery catalogue which currently includes access to 10 high resolution spacecraft

Synthesizes data from a wide array of sources including social media, news outlets, radio communications – even earthquake sensors

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TaranisTaranis – Satellite Data:

Sub-MM imaginery, fully automatic scounting, ultra high resolution field level imaginery

Overseeing millions of acres of farmland in the United States, Argentina, Brazil, Russia, Ukraine and Australia, Taranis combines field imagery in three different levels from satellite images, through plane imagery to drone leaf level imagery, and uses AI deep learning technology to recognize crop health issues.

Taranis targets high volume commodity crops which account for 70% of global crop market

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SImilarWebSimilarWeb – Web Trafffic Data:

Coverage of all websites and apps globally, with data refreshing daily.

Measuring the digital performance of companies, understanding companies’ digital and Go-To-Market strategies, identifying industry leaders and market share swings

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AlexaAlexa – Web-traffic Data:

Web-traffic statistics and trends

Measuring the digital performance of companies, understanding companies’ digital and Go-To-Market strategies, identifying industry leaders and market share swings

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Truvalue labsTruvalue Labs – ESG Alternative Data:

Offers ESG research & analytics platform based on AI and pure ESG data.

Integrates the Sustainability Accounting Standards Board’s (SASB’s) market-leading materiality standards – data in 26 Categories, Leadership & Governance, Environment, Business Model & Innovation

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RepRiskRepRisk – ESG Alternative Data:

Coverage of any listed or non-listed company exposed to ESG risks, plus projects, from all sectors and countries including emerging and frontier markets

Research and metrics updated on a daily basis

Combination of artificial intelligence and a highly-trained analyst team helps translate big data in 20 languages

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Data SimplyData Simply – ESG Alternative Data:

Financial Intelligence Engine takes unstructured data, like words, and interprets them like a financial analyst, with a lens specific to ESG and Financial sentiment signals.

Engine runs on the SEC Edgar database and turn company filings into signals.

basic plan is for free, professional plans are paid

Owl AnalyticsOWL Analytics – ESG Alternative Data:

OWL ESG covers over 25,000 public companies across the world, publishing metrics monthly rather than yearly

OWL ESG scores and ranks companies against their peers across thirty core metrics

OWL ESG provides detailed company specific data on numerous ESG issues, controversial revenue screens, countries of concern, and UN Global Compact compliance.

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ArabesqueArabesque S-Ray – ESG Alternative Data:

Monitors the sustainability of over 7,000 of the world’s largest corporations

Machine learning and big data, Arabesque S-Ray® systematically combines over 200 environmental, social and governance (ESG) metrics with news signals from over 30,000 sources published in over 170 countries

Rates companies on the normative principles of the United Nations Global Compact: Human Rights, Labour Rights, the Environment, and Anti-Corruption (GC Score).

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SenseFolioSenseFOlio – ESG Alternative Data:

ESG data & portfolio analytics

0,000+ companies and more than 200,000 of their subsidiairies are analyzed every day

News, Reports, Reviews, Social Media are compared to their peers

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FTSE RussellFTSE Russell – ESG Alternative Data:

Over 15 years of experience with Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) data

Two core data models: the ESG Ratings and data model assesses operational ESG risks and performance, while the Green Revenues data model classifies and measures revenue exposure to products that deliver environmental solutions

Operational ESG risk exposures – 4,100 companies (including FTSE All World Index and Russell 1000)

Green Revenues exposures – 14,700 companies (including FTSE Global All Cap Index and Russell 3000)

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WorldBank ESGWorldBank ESG Data Portal – ESG Alternative Data:

ESG Data for countries – The Sovereign ESG Data Framework incorporates data relevant to all 17 Sustainable Development Goals. The Framework organizes data into themes the World Bank considers to be crucial for financial sector representatives to consider when assessing the contribution of investments or policies to sustainable development.


SustainalyticsSustainalytics – ESG Alternative Data:

ESG Ratings & Research

Corporate governance raw data on 20,000 companies

API + Data Feeds

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VDEMV-DEM (Varieties of Democracy) Project – ESG Alternative Data:

Varieties of Democracy (V-Dem) is a new approach to conceptualizing and measuring democracy.

V-Dem is one of the largest-ever social science data collection efforts with a database containing over 27 million data points.

Since 2019, the dataset covers 202 countries from 1789-2018 with annual updates to follow.


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