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Quantpedia’s goal is to help our readers to get insight into academical financial research related to quantitative and algorithmic trading. Our main product offering, the Quantpedia’s Premium database of algo/quant/systematic trading strategies, is tailored to an advanced audience.

But we also have readers who are beginners or aspiring quants and are looking for a complete educational package with a lot of explanation. Therefore, we have partnered with the QuantInsti and created a new tutorial courses from beginners to an intermediate audience.

Event Driven Strategies

The Event-Driven Strategies course explains eight seasonal/event-driven trading strategies in equity, fixed income and volatility markets and shows how to combine them into one multi-strategy portfolio.

Position Sizing

The Position Sizing course explains the importance of money management techniques and shows practical rules for a coherent framework to the management of the size of each individual trade.

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