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How Common is Insider Trading? Evidence from the Options Market

20.September 2022

Trading on non-public information has been very profitable in the past (and probably still is). Prominent insiders use their knowledge and share it with influential, wealthy institutional investors who earn money in an illegal way. And especially, options provide attractive leverage and relatively viable ways to “hide” sources of this illegal advantage. But after several big scandals, the resurgence of some forms of insider trading was stopped in 2009 after a trial with hedge fund superstar Raj Rajaratnam. The question is: What is the situation now?

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What Can We Learn from Insider Trading in the 18th Century?

21.March 2022

Directors, board members, and large shareholders are just some of those who might have non-public material information about their firm. Even though this information could be easily used to profit by trading their own stocks, this insider trading behavior is strictly prohibited. But how profitable can it be? We can study insider trading in the time when it wasn’t regulated at all – in the early 1700s. The 300 hundred-year-old dataset consists of data recovered from original handwritten ledger books and transfer files of the three largest companies in the London stock market at the time. It gives us a glimpse into the evidence of how big the insider’s advantage is, and the result is quite surprising – the authors calculated their outperformance to just 7% per year.

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Insider Trading: What Happens Behind Closed Doors

11.October 2021

Corporate insiders often have insight into a company’s private information, which might help them predict how the shares’ price will move in the coming days. However, laws and regulations are designed to keep them from trading based on this knowledge, as it would be unfair and hurt the company’s other shareholders. This includes the prohibition of insider trading or designing a 10b5-1 plan, which we will discuss in this article. Anyways, knowing about incoming losses or the will to create profits might lead these insiders to different practices that could be questioned. Let’s look at some of the newest research concerning these issues.

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