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The “Quantpedia Explains” is a new series of short videos and case study articles in which we will show and explain some of the themes out of quantitative finance that we think are worth mentioning. We will start with a very quick intro to individual Quantpedia Pro reports, their logic and benefits. Later we will move to the other topics of interest …


Quantpedia – The Encyclopedia of Quantitative and Algorithmic Trading Strategies is a research company with a goal to help quants find new trading strategy ideas. We are continually building a unique database of ideas for systematic trading & investment strategies derived out of the academic research papers. Some of our content is now available also in the video form.

Quantpedia as an Inspiration

In this video, we plan to explain to you how to use our product better to build new and innovative trading strategies.

How to use us – Screener and Charts

This video is a short example of how to navigate screener and charts.

The Usage of Quantpedia – Calendar / Seasonal Trading Strategies

The following video is a short case-study / example of how to use Quantpedia database to build simple calendar multi-strategy.

Quantpedia – Once published, will strategy stop working?

The next presentation will explain to you who, and why writes academic research papers related to algorithmic trading and quantitative investment strategies. How do investment strategies perform after publication and how investors use ideas out of academic research.

Pre-Election Drift in the Stock Market

The Pre-Election Drift effect in the stock market in the United States is one of the least frequent but still interesting seasonal anomalies, and here we are providing a short explanation of why.

Trading Strategy for Bear Markets by Quantpedia

Here is an example of one strategy out of Quantpedia database, which helps you to hedge/diversify market risk during the economic crisis.

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