Video + Online Presentation for Bear Market Strategy

5.June 2019

We have a new Youtube video + online presentation for all people who liked our short article about the commodity strategy which can be used as a hedge / diversification during bear markets

Youtube video:


Online presentation:


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Quantpedia’s Solution for Bear Markets

6.January 2019

Dear readers,

Equity markets have once again entered a high volatility regime at the end of the year 2018. Risk of an economic slowdown increases and investors and traders are looking for  trading strategies which can perform well in such uncertain times.

We at Quantpedia can help with that!

I am really excited to give you an opportunity to work with a new filtering field in our Screener, which you can use to find  strategies that can be utilized as a hedge/diversification to equity market risk factor during bear markets.

Come and find your new hedge!

Team of Quantpedia.com

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