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From the perspective of an indifferent observer, it seems that the world is accelerating from decade to decade. The average speed of information processing increases, and we consume more and more knowledge in a shorter and shorter amount of time. So, we have decided to start a new information stream for a people who have adjusted to this tempo.

Our new “Quantpedia Explains” channel will feature a series of very short videos (1-2 minutes of length at max) in which we will show and explain some of the themes out of quantitative finance that we think are worth mentioning. We will start with a very quick intro to individual Quantpedia Pro reports, their logic and benefits. Later we will move to the other topics of interest related to quantitative trading research. Our goal is to hold a tempo of 2-3 new videos every month. So feel free to subscribe to our youtube channel


Radovan Vojtko
CEO & Head of Research

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