Join the Race: Quantpedia Awards 2024 Await You

Hello everyone,

Two weeks ago, we promised you a surprise, and now it’s finally time to unveil what we have prepared for you :).

Our Quantpedia Awards 2024 aims to be the premier competition for all quantitative trading researchers. If you have an idea in your head about systematic/quantitative trading or investment strategy, and you would like to gain visibility on the professional scene, then submit your research paper, and you can compete for an attractive list of prizes. All info about the prizes, submission process, expert committee, and our partners are described in detail on our dedicated subpage: Quantpedia Awards 2024. But we will also give you a quick overview in this blog post.

Firstly, the thing that interests the most people is the prizes 🙂 Rewards are prepared for the top 5 researchers/papers, the total prize pool is over $15.000, and the complete list is on the previously mentioned dedicated sub-page. But I will put here a small teaser and show you a list of prizes that await the author of the best research paper.

Secondly – how can you join a competition? Contestants must send an email to with a name and link to their research paper before April 30th, 2024, 23:59 UTC time. But beware, eligible papers must be made publicly available (without a fee to access) this year and published between January 1st, 2024, and April 30th, 2024 in a renowned open-access research directory like, or similar.

And lastly – what will the evaluation process look like? The whole process has two stages. In the first stage, all registered papers will go through an assessment similar to Quantpedia’s standard selection process, in which Quantpedia’s research team will scrutinize research papers based on the strategy’s implementability and overall soundness. We will check how well the strategy is explained (we will automatically remove black boxes) and if it has clearly stated performance & risk characteristics. Afterward, Quantpedia’s team will select 10 papers that are the best based on innovation, impact, and a no-nonsense approach to pushing the boundaries of quantitative analysis. In the second stage, those 10 papers will be delivered to our broad expert committee, which consists of investment professionals and academics, and each member of the committee will sort papers based on his/her subjective view, originality, and overall paper quality. The final ranking of each research paper will be calculated as the equally weighted rank of all members of our evaluating committee.

The winners will be announced on Quantpedia’s webpage and our social media channels in the 2nd half of May 2024. The exact announcement date will be published at the beginning of May after all research papers have been submitted.

Join the race; our Quantpedia Awards 2024 await you …


Radovan Vojtko & Team of

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