Quantpedia’s Course on Event-Driven Calendar Trading Strategies

Quantpedia‘s main goal is and always has been to help our readers to navigate in the ocean of academic research related to systematic investment strategies and quant trading. Our main product offering, the Quantpedia’s Premium database of algo/quant/systematic trading strategies, is tailored to an advanced audience.

But we also have readers who are complete beginners or aspiring quants and are looking for a complete educational package with a lot of explanation. Therefore, we have partnered with the QuantInsti and created a new tutorial course from beginners to an intermediate audience.

The course is focused on the event-driven calendar/seasonal trading strategies. It explains how (and why) we can use academic research to look for systematic trading strategies. It explores eight calendar anomalies, gives fundamental reasons behind anomalies existence and shows how to combine them into one multi-strategy portfolio.

Feel welcome to explore this new Quantpedia’s offering…

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