Quantpedia’s Research in 2021

Dear readers & clients,

I would like to use this space to thank you all for your kind support in the year 2021. I am really proud of my whole team for their work. We are fulfilling our primary mission to process academic research related to quant&algo trading to a more user-friendly form. And we will do it even better in 2022, so stay tuned 🙂

Last year was really productive:

– We have enlarged our database to over 700 trading strategies, produced over 130 out-of-sample backtests (and now we have over 500 of them, with over 360 of them periodically updated)

– Other public ventures included cool explanatory videos (really, check them out 😉 ), a new course on position sizing, and a new section for partners’ algo trading discounts for our readers, a lot of public blogs, our own research articles, and an interest in cryptocurrency research

– Our new Quantpedia Pro offering that we launched in February captivated your interest. Over the year, we expanded its capabilities to over 20 reports (portfolio analysis position sizing, risk management, idea generation etc.), with hundreds of charts and tables. For example, December’s addition is a new report called Commodity Phases Analysis. The performance of the commodities is very closely related to inflation. Therefore, this report offers you a glimpse into the behavior of your custom multi-strategy multi-asset portfolio in different inflationary/dis-inflationary phases defined through the lenses of commodity market movements.

Happy New Year 2022 and profitable trading …


Radovan Vojtko & Team of Quantpedia.com

PS: If you are looking for a few more articles to read, as usual, here are previous month’s blog posts, that you may find interesting:

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