Top Ten Blog Posts on Quantpedia in 2021

As usual, at this time of the year, let us do a short recapitulation of posts on our blog in the previous 12 months. We have published nearly 70 short analyses of academic papers and our own research articles on this blog in 2021. We want to use this opportunity to summarize 10 of them, which were the most popular (based on the Google Analytics tool). Maybe you will be able to find something you have not read yet …

Nbr. 10: Pump and Dump in Cryptocurrencies – cryptocurrency themes are still very popular, so it’s not a surprise that this short review of academic research paper made it into the top 10

Nbr. 9: A Deeper Look into Factor Momentum – factor investing is a staple in the investing world

Nbr. 8: How to Combine Different Momentum Strategies – multiple articles among the top 10 are written by us, and a quick overview of several strategy allocation methods reached 7th place

Nbr. 7: Six Examples of Trading Strategies That Use Alternative Data – alternative data are also a very popular topic, and we tried to present some interesting trading ideas

Nbr. 6: Analysis of Systematic Crypto Trading Strategies in 2021 – our short article suggests that non-price signals in cryptocurrencies were important in the previous year

Nbr. 5: The Best Systematic Trading Strategies in 2021 – together with parts 2 & 3 is a series of articles that investigate winners of 2021 (as they seemed at the end of the summer)

Nbr. 4: How to Use Deep Order Flow Imbalance – HFT is and always will be one of the most popular topics

Nbr. 3: Risk Parity Asset Allocation – is a primer into the methodology we use for the Portfolio Risk Parity report

Nbr. 2: Markowitz Model – an insight into the methodology of the Quantpedia Pro report – this time for the Markowitz Portfolio Optimization

Nbr. 1: An Introduction to Volatility Targeting – in this article, we explained the theory behind this portfolio management method

Have a successful New Year 2022 …



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